About Me



My name is Daniel García (also known as cr0hn). I'm a senior security researcher and penetration tester. I was the founder of Navaja Negra Security Conference and the Chapter Leader of OWASP Madrid - Spain

I’m a security researcher, pen-tester (or black box), source code analyst, DevSecOps and developer. I have bit strange profile. Between hacking and developer. I love the researching of anything and a I'm little obsessed with the idea that not everything is invented.

Expert in hidden channels and anti-fingerprinting methods. FreeBSD lover and defender. And Python developer.

Currently I'm working on the Innovation department of BBVA Bank, Spain.

I have more than 7 years working for a lot of international leading companies of many different areas:

I have experience in different areas of security auditing:

I love developing as a hobby. I developed in some languages:

Security tools & other open source projects

I'm creator, or co-creator, of lot of hacking tools and other open source projects. All of them were published as open source on my Github account. Here a brief summary:


I was speaker in many national and international conferences and events, (See my Linkedin for updated projects and talks)



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